Thursday, December 27, 2012


Last year, on Christmas eve, Zoey gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, to whom we gave the name Noel. This year on Christmas eve Zoey gave birth to a strapping baby boy, who will be known to all on the farm as Jingles. Momma and baby are doing well, despite being born on one of the coldest nights of the year. Our cow milk volume will increase considerably, as this is Zoey's second freshening, and she looks like she is toting around a milk banquet. The snow was a surprise on Christmas day. The below freezing temperatures mean lots of extra work on the farm, as extra food is needed for the animals to keep warm, the water needs to be thawed for them to get a drink, heat lamps need to be set up for little ones to keep warm. The ice and snow are a mixed blessing, as we need the moisture in the ground, and the fruit trees need the chill hours. The market will be closed until January 11, 2013. Special appointments can be made for the next couple of weeks for dairy pickup. Just give us a little notice as to when you will be coming. The goat milk season is over until February, but thanks to Zoeys addition to the bucket, there will be plenty of cow milk. Jingles agrees to share with us, if we don't get too greedy! Santa Claus found the farm, and left a new fangled T.V with a gizmo that records shows....... one without a big tube sticking out the back. The Farmer and Son hung it on the wall, just like you would a picture or a mirror. Now the boys on the Farm Kings can invade my living room, shirtless and sweaty, with brilliant color and life like clarity any time I want. We want to thank all of our farm supporters for a very good year. We appreciate you and the efforts that you make to come out and purchase what we produce on the farm. We are looking forward to a bustling new year, with the addition of another greenhouse, finishing the tree planting in the orchard, growing some new varieties of fruits and veggies we have discovered and whatever else the Farmer and Son decide to do. We hope all have a very Merry Christmas and wish to you a very happy New Year. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

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