Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh, the weather outside is frightful!!! I think we should put in a bid for the next winter Olympics here in Texas, I think with all of the snow we have had this winter, we would have a shot! What a wondrous sight we woke up to this morning. If we weren't so concerned with the hungry animals and the fruit and vegetable production we would just put another log on the fire ,drag out the scrabble game and pop corn popper and wait until tomorrow when it is supposed to be 70 degrees. Thankfully the blanket of snow will protect the strawberries from the cold winds and frost so we should not be set back too far with production. The roads seem to be clear, so I don't think that church will be cancelled this morning. We put an ad on Craigs list to sell some of our baby bucklings, the response was tremendous. As they make wonderful pets and companions, we are grateful people are wanting them as we can't keep them all. A friend gave us a couple of miniature horses that we are going to bring to the farm. Rocky is going to make a wagon and we are on the lookout for a set of harness so that we can give the children rides around the farm. Also another friend(we have great friends) gave us an old commercial cooking stove . We had been looking for one that we could use outside to do canning and baking, as there is nothing more miserable than to have a canner going in the house with heat and steam pouring from it when it is 90 degrees outside. This fall, we are planning to have small classes teaching some basic self sustaining living skills like canning, dehydrating, sprouting, etc. We will keep everyone posted with that information as the harvest season progresses. From our farm to your table, thank you so much for all of your support!

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