Thursday, February 9, 2012


The Farmer came to me and asked for an itty bitty favor. " Honey, could you please patch up my coat, I think that if you fix the holes and the zipper, it still has a few good years." He might as well have asked  me to find a cure for cancer, or solve the world hunger problem. This coat has been ready for the rag pile for quite some time. Now, let me make myself clear, it is not that he doesn't have a brand new one, same color, same style, hanging in the closet, he says it just doesn't feel right. This one is "broke in". To me it is just BROKE!!! Our neighbor happened by with a couple of shirts in hand, asking the Farmer if he could wear them. To me that is a sure sign for a garment retirement ceremony, when friends think you may be destitute and share their clothes. I am betting on the fact that as soon as he gets tired of looking for his gloves, after they have fallen out of the holey pockets time and again, he will put his old friend to rest. In my age old wisdom, I have dedicated a tub in the storage room that is full of  threadbare jeans, tattered shirts, boots without soles.......just in case he wants to visit some old friends. I am not even going to mention his overalls! From our farmstead to your table thank you for all of your support!!!

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