Sunday, February 5, 2012


I have always wanted a great big greenhouse! One that I can grow everything and anything. Tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, berries, oranges, even pineapples and bananas and lucious avacados..... no matter how impractical it may be. The Farmer and Son, finally got their bellies full of my constant reminders and incessant nagging and after countless road trips and inquiries, found a sweet man in Oklahoma who appreciated my horticulture visions and delivered to me, a greenhouse, actually a hoop house, but to me a greenhouse, none the less. The only dilema is that it is in a thousand pieces! As the sections of pipe, the boxes of plastic, the cartons of screws and nails were unloaded,  I was jumping up and down with glee, the Farmer was shaking his head, saying "Oh, dear, this will be quite an undertaking!" Actually, he had a few other choice words to say, but that was the gist of it! Assuring him that I had complete faith in his and the Sons abilities to tackle even the most challenging project, I paid the delivery man and happily waived goodbye to him as he drove off. I can hardly contain my excitement! The Farmer and Son have tackled the chore with goodhearted enthusiasm, and I have been on my best behavior, making sure a good supper is on the table, taking on a few of their chores, being patient, as they work on the greenhouse in  between the plowing, planting, tree trimming, pipe laying, milking, feeding, and all else they have to do here on the farm. No more frost bitten tomatoes and peppers, no more flattened eggplant, due to the high winds across our  fields, no more grasshoppers. We are hoping to be able to extend our growing season to be able to produce crops a little earlier and a little later. It would not be practical to try and heat it in the cold winter, but the sun does a remarkable job heating a greenhouse, enabling plants to thrive longer under its protection. Lots of trial and error will be happening this year, to see what will grow, when it will grow, and! The Farmer and Son want to try aquaponics and grow fish. More on that later. One thing at a time. I just want to be able to have tomato plants that are not bit back by the frost, or  cut to the ground at the knees by 50 mile an hour winds. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

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