Monday, February 20, 2012


Every morning I peak out the kitchen window, gazing at the hoop house, my mouth watering at the thought of the first of the season tomatoes. The Farmer and Son are putting the finishing touches on the ends and it will be ready for its occupants. Pairs do much better than singles on a farm, so he has already ordered another one, that will sit along side, to house squash, cucumbers, eggplant, and whatever else we decide to plant. Speaking of pairs, I am going to be taking applications for a future daughter in law this year. The Farmers son is dragging his feet and I am ready for him to settle down with a good woman. There comes a point when a mother may have to butt her nose in and take action. And believe you me, I know just what is BEST for him! Being a dedicated farmer, he never has time for an active social life, let alone courting! If Mohammed can't come to the mountain, I will bring the mountain to Mohammed. I have matched up many a successful union here on the farm! Just ask LuLu about her beloved Colorado..... or Lily and her dashing Don Juan!( I am trusting that he never has time to read this blog, or I am toast!) This week will be a flurry of activity, if it is dry enough. The asparagus crowns are ready to be planted, the Farmers son planted  some olive trees in the orchard.( Why Not!) Hopefully the fruit buds will hold off a little in case we get a blast of arctic air. The strawberries have blooms! The occasional warm spells turned their cycle topsy turvy. It is anyones guess when the U-Pick strawberry season will start. It is a waiting game for kidding season, hopefully the last week in Feb. will find the first babies on the ground. MARKET HOURS:Fri and Sat from noon until 4:00. Call anytime through the week for a special appointment for dairy pickup. From our farmstead to your table thank you for all of your support!!!    

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