Monday, February 27, 2012


The cool weather crops, waiting to be put in the ground, overgrowing their little beds in the nursery and screaming for fresh air and sunshine! This week has seen nothing but planting, planting and more planting. Rows of asparagus, garlic, carrots, beets, sugar peas, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, onions. Makes me tired just remembering the past few days. We were in such a flurry, if it weren't for my Lumbago acting up, it would have seemed like a dream. I promise myself each year not to get so out of shape through the winter months  and practice stretching, bending and stooping. Each year I do diddly squat to prepare myself for the whirl of Spring planting. Serves me right!!! The fruit trees are starting to bud, saw the first shoot of asparagus, the strawberries are waking up from their winter nap. The pullets are starting to lay, so more eggs in the market, still have some honey from last harvest. Poppy is down in the mouth, as we have weaned her calf. The little dickens was not only nursing her momma, but every other cow we are milking. Our volume has gone up considerably since she went to the big girls pasture. If you hear  pitiful, mournful wailing off in the distance, it is Truffles, not real happy with the turn of events in her life. The only deadbeats on the farm are the mama goats. Babies are overdue, but they are not in the least bit concerned about it......nor do they hear my pleas, as I implore them to lay down and push out a kid or two! As soon as the goat milk is flowing, a big whoopee!!! will be heard far and wide. MARKET HOURS: Fri and Sat from noon until 4:00 pm. Special appointments can be made through the week for dairy pickup. Cows milk, that is. From our farmstead to your table thank you for all of your support!!!

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