Thursday, May 2, 2013


Dragging out the coveralls again for morning chores, just got them laundered and tubbed for the summer. If nothing else, we have not become complacent when it comes to preparations for weather change. We can whip those sides of the hoop houses up and down in no time at all. With all of this years previous fluctuations in temperature, this really comes as no big surprise. We were half expecting snow on the ground when we awoke this morning. Strawberry picking will be postponed for today, Thursday, as the forcasted winds and rain will make it a not too pleasant experience. Friday and Saturday should be much better. The market will be open regular hours, Friday and Saturday from noon until 4:00 PM. The Farmer planted corn and green beans this week for the third time. He says practice makes perfect. If so, we should have the most perfect corn and green beans ever. I am going to share a little secret. We are hiding 5 foot tomato plants, loaded with blooms and small green tomatoes in the hoop houses. If  we can keep them from the icy Norther that is making its way here, we should have tomatoes at the end of the month. For those that have waited so patiently for goat milk and goat milk cheese, we have acquired another sweet doe to our micro-mini milking herd. She and the four other fresh(in milk) does we scoured the country to find, have set about the task of providing milk for all of the goat milk enthusiasts that have been faithful to us for all of these years. The waiting list is getting shorter and shorter. The remaining dry as the Sahara desert goat herd, just browse around the farm eating, drinking, napping, enjoying their brief respite from motherhood and all of its responsibilities. The Farmer is on the lookout for the studliest, most regal looking buck that he can find, to ensure a new crop of babies next Spring. You can bet your bottom dollar, his first trip in our trailer will be to the Vet clinic for a little zap and tickle, testing his swimmers before the check clears the bank. Meanwhile, the cows just do their thing, as do the chickens. The honeybees make their presence known in the water troughs and on the crop blossoms. We are forever grateful for what  our animals choose to share with us and we give thanks that we are so blessed. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

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