Tuesday, May 28, 2013


As promised the blackberries are right on cue. This is the first good sign of impending summer. The bushes are loaded with berries in all phases of development, assuring us that the season should last for several weeks. As with the strawberries, we are going to pick the blackberries by reservation, avoiding any grumbling about traveling from afar and going home empty handed. Reservations can be made starting on Wednesday for the following weekend. Call or e-mail with your name and the number in your group.   As an added bonus, for those that would like to take a stroll through the strawberry patch, chances are you will find some late comers. For those that come to pick, we have some tips and guidelines that will make your picking experience much more enjoyable. TIP: Wear comfortable clothing, closed toed shoes. TIP: We provide picking buckets and will bag them for you to take home. A cooler to transport is suggested. TIP: Berries are $18 for a level bucket, the buckets are 5 quarts. A minimum of 1 bucket per group or family is asked. We accept cash and checks in the form of payment. TIP: One adult per child under 8 years of age. The berries are easily picked, as we keep the patch mowed and trimmed. Some varieties are thorny, some thornless. TIP: Picking will be in the mornings, starting at 10:00 and going until around Noon, as the heat sets in. Special appointments can be made at other times, if we are here. TIP: The berry patch is at the far end of the farm, a good bit from the restroom, plan accordingly. TIP: For prepicked berries, a day or two notice, please. TIP: We use no sprays on our berries, but recommend that they be thoroughly washed before eating, as little critters and sand have found comfortable homes in the nooks and crannies.  TIP: No pets, unless you keep them in your pocket. TIP: We are a working farm, we are only picking berries at this time. We are not able to give tours or supervise your children while you pick. There are working beehives, electric fences, roaming animals, as well as blackberries. We appreciate your visits, and ask that your respect our livelihood. From our farmstead to your table thank you for all of your support!!!

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