Friday, May 24, 2013


 Since we do not have a kayak or a rowboat to use in the strawberry field, and the Farmer has only one pair of hip waders to loan out, we will not be picking strawberries on Saturday. Due to the continuous rain all of last night, the patch is a loblolly. Berry picking has been canceled. Not to worry...... With the onset of blackberry picking next weekend, there may be a chance that a few strawberries will still be available to pick just  to mix it up a bit. As we have become adept at flying by the seat of our pants, and taking whatever is around the next bend, those that have become regulars to the farm have come to realize that nothing is set in stone around here. What is planned for one day, may be a whole new ball of wax the next day. Speaking of blackberries, the picking season will begin this next week, with reservations being taken, starting Wednesday, for the weekend. Thursday morning, Friday morning and Saturday morning will be available for picking. As the heat sets in and the days become longer, all of the picking will be done in the mornings, between the hours of 10:00 AM and Noon. As we progress into the season special appointments may be made at other times if there are sufficient berries to pick.  As mentioned earlier, we have a bumper crop, so it will not take long to fill a bucket with the plump, black, morsels. The Farmer is grooming the blackberry rows, to discourage the invasion of chiggers, snakes, and fire ants. As of late, we have not had these critter problems, and want to keep it that way. More information will be posted later in the week. For the record, even though it put the kabosh on our berry picking for the day, we are so grateful for the good rain. We just love these mixed blessings!  From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

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