Saturday, May 11, 2013


Every morning I go to the pasture and make an inventory of my milk cows. I have this niggling suspicion that the Farmer has traded one of my girls for a handful of magic seeds. Every time I go to the hoop house it seems that the tomato plants have grown several inches. The tops are just a smidge away  from the highest peak of the center beams. It is just a tad bit freaky! With all of the freezes and temperature fluctuations, we were not anticipating a tomato crop this Spring. To our amazement, the plants are flourishing. The stalks are loaded with yellow blossoms and green tomatoes. Fried green tomatoes will be on the table of a few select visitors who were able to snatch up the first of the seasons pick in the market today. It must be magic!! The strawberry picking season is well under way. Lots of visitors today and it seemed to go without a hitch. Most all were able to fill their boxes with sufficient red, ripe berries. After the weekend of picking, we will determine when the berries will be plentiful enough to start picking again. Most likely this will be after Tuesday or Wednesday. Reservations will be required, as this seems to work best to make sure all will be able to get berries when they come. Going home empty handed is a real buzz kill. The CSA program will be starting the week of Memorial Day. All that are participating will be contacted the week before with updated information. For those that were not able to get enough milk for your needs this week, we should be increasing our volume in the next couple of weeks, with a new freshener and the possibility of a new member of our bovine club. The planting for the Spring is almost complete, the last of the blackeyed peas, okra, melons, corn, cucumbers, squash, pepper plants, eggplant, are in the ground. The Farmer says if it snows in the next couple of weeks, we will probably just plow everything under and wait until August and plant a fall garden. I am especially anxious to use the new tator digger to dig up the French fingerlings. First time we have planted them, and the bushy plants are divine. There are a few peaches on the peach trees, and some pears here and there and for the first time, some apples. The next big project is going to be cutting hay to feed all of the hungry mouths that call 40 crossroads Rd. home. I got a hint from the Farmer that for Mothers Day, all of us are going to get a new hay cutter. Never let it be said that the Farmer forgot all of the hard work the Mothers on this farm do, having babies,  producing milk, laying eggs, hatching brood to make honey, cooking and cleaning ( my contribution). He is going to make sure we have plenty to eat this fall and winter, when all of the grass is gone. We are all just tickled pink! I will make sure they all share my portion. The blackberries should be ready in about 3 weeks. If there are plenty ready, we will open Memorial Day Weekend for picking. This year will be a bumper crop. The vines are heavy laden with soon to be ripe, juicy, blackberries. MARKET HOURS: Friday and Saturday from noon until 4:00 PM. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

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