Saturday, September 11, 2010

Living in Texas guarantees that everything is done in no small measures! When it rains, it isn't just a little here and there, it is usually a gully washer! When the summer sun shines, it's not the balmy, tropical warmth that exhists in Tahiti, it is the scorching, simmering, heat that takes your breath away when you step outside from air conditioning! So isn't it a puzzle that the hordes are moving here to find their niche? Possibly it is because you can play touch football in shorts on Thanksgiving day, or grill on the patio at Christmas, or pick a basket full of strawberries in April. How many yankees do you know that plant onions and potatoes in February? It would take a pick ax to make a hole in the ground up North! Don't ya just love it here? I never get tired of watching things grow. This last rain was a doozie, but all of the crops we planted the week before are just jumping out of the soil. The fruit trees got a real good drink as they are preparing to go to sleep for the winter..... even the asparagus has decided to produce a little before "calling it a day." Some of my extended family in the Northern midwest are on frost alert! Mid October should see the baskets in the market full again, unless of course Old Man Winter decides to pay us an early visit, but like it or not, that is just part of living in Texas! From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!

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