Saturday, September 18, 2010

One of the great advantages of being married to a true, country bred farm boy is the never-ending supply of quips and quotes that have been passed around by the throngs of old timers that mingle in the early morning hours, or at lunch time, at the local gas station/coffee shop/ grocery store! Today it was" hotter than two mice making whoopee in a wool sock!" A couple of days ago, he would rather have "ironed all day in a pair of high heal shoes", than go with me to Hobby Lobby! And heaven forbid I get "nibbled to death by a duck"! He loves elderly people and could sit and listen all day to their stories about when they were younguns......I keep telling him he was born about fifty years to late. He has an old "Poppin Johnny" Farmall tractor that he would rather use, than his modern day, air conditioned, air ride seat Kubota. He would use a pair of mules and a walk behind plow if he could find one! Me, I am not quite that Little House on the Prairie. I could have turned cartwheels when he presented me with an electric butter churn and we retired the hand crank paddle churn. I would be hard pressed to give up my gas powered mini tiller, as I am not a big fan of the hoe, and there is nothing more daunting than to look at 3 bushels of black eyed peas that need to be shelled. Theraputic my foot! I just want to shove them through the pea sheller and be done with it! Lucky for us opposites attract and so far the head butting has been minimal. As I am getting older and more rickety, I have decided that manual labor is for the up and coming whippersnappers. Give me automation! That is why I have an automatic sit down planter and a weeding machine, a lay down produce picker, a special mulcher that makes beds and lays irrigation tape, covering it all with plastic. Now if someone would just come up with something that would pick off the grasshoppers, tomato horn worms, squash and potato bugs, without disturbing the plants, I would have it made. All is well at the farm..... so from our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!

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  1. I hate the thought of shelling peas!!! My husband, however, loves to do it while he's watching baseball. Which is a lucky thing if we ever want to eat those little suckers. I'll grow em all day long, but they'd never be eaten if it was left up to me to shell em!